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  • Constantina Alexander

Another Camden Afternoon

Bring it on Universe

There are many hours in a day to be filled. There are not enough hours in the day to fill them with what I want to fill them with. Mathematics is a good way to order the mind. An hour in the morning before hubby's work run and Rover's walk in the nature reserve is an hour well spent. Sitting at my table in front of the Great Vista, that is my view, is an ordering experience. The mind, just so loves to work out a problem. my mind likes puzzles. For those of you who love a good run or workout in the gym to endorphinise your soul, this is my equivalent. I am stupidly happy and content after a spell with the current module on differentiating various functions the Open University wants me to learn for my course.

It was going well but, as in all journeys in Life, there comes a time when difficulties arise and a way has to be found around them. My first reaction is the Mjolnir approach- aka the Hammer of Thor- bash it into submisssion with some accompanying growls. By the way- we went to see Avengers Endgame and I was most unhappy with how Thor has let himself go.

Well Mjolnir, did not work so what next? Find another book and practice basic principles till I can do them in my sleep, when driving car, walking in the sunshine- yes, maths has taken root and is growing in the fertile ground of my brain cells and flourishing. Grubbing through exercise after exercise of basic principles showed up my errors and with a bit of perseverance, I began to conquer.

Today, listening to Another Camden Afternoon by The Stranglers on my earphones, I am back to the cheerful place I was before the hardship of the weekend and my stupidity reigned supreme. Other tasks are getting done too. Maths is very ordering not just for itself but for life in general. I wonder why this is?

Perhaps it has something to do with being a root of the Cosmos in some way and tapping into it with a determination to unravel a small truth, has an effect on the elements of our existence. There are levels in maths. We start out with orders of operations and number and over the years it gets more complex; we can apply it to solve problems or just indulge in the purity of numbers. I lean to the latter and am now discovering something beautiful in mathematics. No wonder it has caught the imagination of so many people throughout history. I am just a mere simpleton in maths, but that does not detract from the experience. It's a joy being a student, one can wonder, experience and see with new eyes.

Working with abstract concepts brings a sense of wholeness and continuity to the universe and our place in it. For instance, I contemplate making a cup of tea: when thought about as a series of levels from the outer physical action; to physiological biological machinations leading to energy production and contraction of muscles; at the level of the atomic - placement of elements and ions; subatomic mysteries and perhaps leading to what the Jewish mystics would term As Above, SoBelow leads me to visualise each and every action we take, every thought and every single feeling has a counterpart somewhere in the worlds of Creation:

...thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. .....

St Francis - without having to do calculus, understood this principle. He would take the greatest of care even treading on stones. His awareness of the completeness and totality of all things was outstanding - very little attention is paid to this side of his existence. Time alone to be, opens gate of understanding.

I am content with the little mathematical gate that has opened itself for me to explore for now. It is not an end in itself but part of a wholeness of all exisitence. I am in awe of it.