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  • Constantina Alexander

Despite Everything........

Despite Everything...

happening in the world today:

poverty, war, political unrest, racism, terrorism;

Church of England thanksgiving for nuclear weapons- what next?

will they be celebrating knife crime?

or is national ability to cause mass murder more acceptable.

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit....sick of it;

loneliness, desolation, modern slavery;

lack of lovingkindness, bullying, gossiping,

incarcerating children and refugees on tiny islands without hope;

the insecurity of the elderly and disabled

intolerance of anyone who does not fit in;

overwhelming focus on money, GDP, what people are worth

or what a burden they are

if they are sick, fat, smokers, drinkers, addicts, self harmers

and how much it costs to 'deal' with them.............. and more of this everything that is happening, and has always been happening because we humans fail to deal with, fail to face up to, fail to acknowledge ...

how really stupid, greedy and full of rage we can be against

anything or anyone who does not fit into our limited world view.

But despite all that............

nature continues in its own way:

ferns are unfolding again

cowslips push through grassy verges

lichens cling onto tree trunks

all bringing subtle beauty into the world again, this year, and again next year and

as long as we don't burn the planet to ash, nature will continue to push through and ignore our ravaging and disregard.

Just outside there are a thousand awesomesnesses,

a step away,

a glance away.

Are we ever going to see......these little miracles and realise that whatever we do is of no consequence because Nature always

wins out in the End.

And despite all of that...........

we can change

we can find peace

we can alter the inner tape

we can live in harmony

in symbiosis, in cooperation

with the 'other'

because we are capable of being

channels for the Divine Love

surrounding us right now

like invisible radio waves

always there before we 'discovered' them.

So despite everything........

drop the crap

and for Heaven's sake

tune in.