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  • Constantina Alexander

The Beauty of Being and the TT

Only on the Isle of Man....

Last week I spent four days on the Isle of Man. What a wonderful place to have a break, especially when the TT is on. Sunday morning we were speeding down the racetrack from the top of Snaefell in my little old Polo surrounded by motorbike and kit cars trying out the track before it was closed for the rest of the day for the racing. All I could think of was, "Am I supposed to be on this road?" but it was ok the police took no notice of me, so I guessed it was fine.

Watching the racers later near the summit again, this time reached by the Snaefell mountain train, I was amazed at how fast, and how much bravado these bikers have, to do this track. They truly push themselves to the limits and when you think the first races had a top speed of around 35-40 mph comapared to around 200mph today, then it is incredible.

Caught on my phone near summit if Snaefell

How often, do I push myself to the limit and make such a commitment? This is worth thinking about and pondering over. During some quiet time there I came across something that has caused me to continue to extend myself again in a new direction I have been following and the energy and drive of these bikers has given me a lesson in just how to be.

It is not just about winning but taking part and aiming to win, training and learning and refining and retrying and more training and relearning, adjusting, correcting.... it goes on. This is how spiritual training is to me. It is a beautiful being of soul, of focus and commitment to the goal. We don't necessarily have to be the winner or the best, but simply to take part with all our might and have faith that the outcome, as St Paul writes, is assured.

The main photo of this blog is from a shop window in Laxey IOM. the shope sells buttons, ribbons, fabric and old sewing machines....and there is a motorbike in the window. Love it!

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